Sidewalk announces fourth EP

Posted 7 april 2017 by

Time to make things official. Sidewalk will head into the studio this april/may to make a follow up for the Full Throttle album. It will be a four song EP. At the moment the band is working hard on the preproductions. More info and a releasdate will be announced soon.   

New guitar player – Hurray!

Posted 27 januari 2017 by

But…. Who will play the guitar then? Joralf will! Meet Joralf, he’s a guitarplayer from Utrecht and we’ve known him for a long time. Joralf played in several bands, but at this time he is fully available. Joralf is working hard on learning our songs. For the upcoming shows you can expect a lot of old […]

Martin quits Sidewalk

Posted 16 december 2016 by

Dear fans and friends. We’ve got another update on the band. Unfortunately this one is rather shit! After almost four years Martin has decided to quit playing in Sidewalk. At this point he’s no longer getting the fun and energy out of it that he used to. Martin been a great force in the band. […]

Pieter’s baby is born! Hurray!

Posted 13 december 2016 by

So, Pieters baby is born last October. It’s a healthy boy and he’s named Oscar. We are very happy for Pieter and his girlfriend. Welcome Oscar!

The F-word in Sidewalk – Pieter takes a break

Posted 23 september 2016 by

Hey fans and friends! We’ve been playing shows for a long time and toured every year. To spent time with my family to the max, I’ll take a break until december. So no tour this year, we resume playing in 2017. Our first confirmed show is on February 17th in Eindhoven and more to come. […]

What the Fuck is wrong with us?! Tour video

Posted 9 april 2016 by

  Our tour was sooo fucking awesome! Thanks to all of you beautiful people! We’ve been on tour last month, from the 10th of March till the 13th of March. We’ve played show with great bands and we’ve met old friends and made new friends. It was Jos’ first time on tour and he had […]

Tour Announcement!!

Posted 20 februari 2016 by

We are proud to announce the “What The F#kc Is Wrong With Us?!” tour. This march we’ll be touring through one of our favorite countries, the beautiful France. With four shows in four different cities, we hope you guys will come and party with us punkrock style! Check our the events: March 10: Paris, Le […]

Meet our new drummer

Posted 13 november 2015 by

We have a NEW! NEW! NEW!!! DRUMMER!! So. Today is the day. We announce to you our new drummer. His name is Jos Hoens. He used to drum in Too Loud For Granny (Graftak since he left). We think Jos got a great attitude and he knows how to hit them drums. A great replacement and […]

Photo report Full Throttle European Release Tour

Posted 4 november 2015 by

In October 2015 we went to Belgium, France, Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia and Czech Republic to celebrate the release of our debut album Full Throttle. Check out the pictures in this album and tag yourself and your friends! This was the last tour with Hugo on drums. We want to thank everybody who helped us on […]

New album Full Throttle out now!

Posted 1 oktober 2015 by
Sidewalk - Full Throttle

Today Sidewalk releases their first album, Full Throttle! After releasing demo’s, EPs and a split, an album is often what’s asked for. The band is happy to present their first full length record. 14 songs were recorded. With fast and mid tempo songs, the album is more diverse than the previous releases. Among the tracks is […]