Sidewalk is a band for those who love punk rock from the 90’s. Inspired by bands such as Pennywise, Bad Religion and Swingin’ Utters they are on the road since 2009. And not without succes, the four piece have played more than 150 shows spread over nine countries.


The band released several EPs, like the raw ‘We Are Your Radio For The Night So Shut Up And Dance’ from 2012. When guitar player Martin joined the band in 2013 the band has become more melodic. His first contribution is heard on the split CD with the Topsy Turvy’s from France, which was released that same year. After the split the band released  Back To The Start (Sep ’14), where new singer Gerko can be heard.


In October ’15 Sidewalk released their album ‘Full Throttle’. This is the first full length the band has released, which was often asked for. The album is stronger and more diverse than the previous releases. The band went on another European Tour shortly after the release in October 2015.


After the ‘Full Throttle Release Tour’ Hugo left the band and was replaces by Jos. And after some more touring, late 2016 Martin decided his time with Sidewalk had come as well and left. Joralf could fill in his spot very fast and with Jos on drums and Joralf on guitar Sidewalk is stronger and tighter than ever.

In may 2017 Sidewalk went back into the studio, to record a four song EP, titled Here and Now. The release is set on august 1st, after witch the band will go on another tour through Europe.

Current line-up

Gerko – Vocals
Joralf – Guitar and backing vocals
Pieter – Bass guitar and backing vocals
Jos – Drums





Former members

Neals – Guitar and vocals
Danny – Vocals
Bouke – Vocals
Hugo – Drums
Martin – Guitar and backing vocals