12794524_10153587860029092_5299191297000111827_nOur tour was sooo fucking awesome! Thanks to all of you beautiful people!

We’ve been on tour last month, from the 10th of March till the 13th of March.
We’ve played show with great bands and we’ve met old friends and made new friends. It was Jos’ first time on tour and he had the best time of his life. So did the rest of the band!

We’ve got a tour video to prove it! Enjoy!

We’d Like to thank:
Le Buzz, Paris, Ed from Unavailable and Tom! Thanks dudes, without you we were nowhere! It was also great to play with Piss me Off. You rock!
Café Latin, Angers, Asso AFOA! Fucking hell! Great organizing! Wow! We loved it! Congrats for Living End with their new EP. FINISH ME and Time For Energy. You’ve got it!
Sombrero Café Amiens, great place and nice beers! Thank you JulieDimitri and Carole! Loved the coffee smile-emoticon Psychic Waves, well done!
Le Midland (Ex-Select), Bar celtique in Lille. Finally played in Lille! Thank you Hugo and Marion Vandewoestyne! For the show, the drinks, the food (twice) and the crazy afterparty! Garage d’habit! Deux bierre s’il vous plaîs, Conard de Merde!!! It was also great to play with Bare Teeth with Grégoryand Chuck No Vices. So funny your bandnames are almost similair to some of our songtitles!