Meet our new drummer

We have a NEW! NEW! NEW!!! DRUMMER!! So. Today is the day. We announce to you our new drummer. His name is Jos Hoens. He used to drum in Too Loud For Granny (Graftak since he left). We think Jos got a great attitude and he knows how to hit them drums. A great replacement and […]

Hugo will quit Sidewalk

We are flying at great heights, releasing our first full length album on vinyl and CD and going on a European tour! Unfortunately, today, with pain in our hearts, we have to announce that our drummer and founding member has decided to quit the band after this tour. Hugo always played in the band with […]

Sidewalk working on debut album

In April Sidewalk started the recordings for their debut album. After releasing demo’s, EPs and a split an album is the only and often asked for option. The band is happy that they have this opportunity to release a full length. At No Compromise Recordings in Putten 14 songs will be recorded. Fast ones, mid tempo, […]

Boripunk releases new sampler

Our Belgian label Borpipunk released a new sampler, which features the Sidewalk song Put Trough. This track is from the EP Back To The Start. The sampler includes songs from bands from The Netherlands, Belgium and France. Listen the sampler on Bandcamp.   Tracklist Les 3 Fromages (Rock’n’drôle – Rennes) – Ça nous saoule Gecko 5 (Pop punk […]

Meet our new lead singer!

We’d like to present the new lead singer of Sidewalk! Also known under his name Jesus, the name of our newest member is Gerko Kamminga! He’s been involved in the band quite some time already, and when Bouke was quitting, the choice was not hard. Raised as choir boy and ballet dancer, 20 year later he […]

We say goodbye to Bouke

Last Saturday Bouke played his last gig for Sidewalk. The gig in Lahr, Germany, turned out to an awesome party and we couldn’t have wished for a better farewell party. We thank Bouke for his efforts in the band. Sidewalk became better, faster and stronger since he joined. We had good times, good drinks and good […]

Bouke quits the band

We regret to inform you that Bouke will quit the band. He joined in the end of 2011 and was very important in improving the band’s sound, giving it much more power. More important, a great and crazy guy! But sometimes, good things come to an end. Read his message below:   “It’s not that […]